Interested in 1970-71 A-Body Fender Extensions?

Based on the amount of interest received we are considering these fender extensions as one of our next reproduced items. Click the link below to see how you can show your support for reproducing this rare part and how you can be one of the first to receive one if it is produced!

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159 Mopar A,B-Body Outside Door Handles (Chrome Button)
160-RHC Mopar A,B,C-body RH Manual Mirror
160-LHCR Mopar A,B,C-body LH Remote Mirror
247-R Mopar 69-74 Dodge Stainless Steel Dog Dish Hub Cap
244-RHSET Mopar R/H Thread Lug Nuts (Set of 10)
234-RHC Mopar B,E-body RH Manual Mirror
122 Mopar 1970 Plymouth Fender C Moldings
234-LHCR Mopar B,E-body LH Remote Mirror

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