Many years ago, company founder Peter Gee, started restoring antique cars and what started as a hobby grew into a business called PG Classic for the restoration of Mopar muscle cars. He loved Mopar muscle cars, but his desire in restoring them was often waned by the difficulty in finding parts and the price of those parts when he did find them.

We know how all you Mopar lovers feel. Even worse, at the rate used parts are declining and the price of some OEM parts, not many people are able to restore and drive an old Mopar. In response to this dilemma Peter took the opportunity to reproduce some of the rarest and most sought after parts required in the restoration of Mopar muscle cars. His goal was to provide high quality reproduced parts at a reasonable price within a reasonable timeframe. 

To this day, everyone here at PG Classic still lives by Peter's ideals. Offering quality parts at a reasonable price combined with the knowledge of our staff, we hope to continue what Peter started and provide Mopar lovers, young and old, a chance to step back into the past in their favorite ride.