3315-69 Mopar A-body Universal Dual Snorkel Scoop

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3315-69 Mopar A-body Universal Dual Snorkel Scoop


New reproduction dual snorkel scoop for A-body vehicles. Replace an old, damaged dual snorkel with our reproduction made to fit like original. Our fiberglass dual snorkel scoops are made to be bolted to the hood for an authentic look.

Comes with mounting hardware.


1964_BARRACUDA, 1964_DART, 1964_VALIANT, 1965_BARRACUDA, 1965_DART, 1965_VALIANT, 1966_BARRACUDA, 1966_DART, 1966_VALIANT, 1967_BARRACUDA, 1967_DART, 1967_VALIANT, 1968_BARRACUDA, 1968_DART, 1968_VALIANT, 1969_BARRACUDA, 1969_DART, 1969_VALIANT, 1970_DART, 1970_DUSTER, 1970_VALIANT, 1971_DART, 1971_DEMON, 1971_DUSTER, 1971_SCAMP, 1971_VALIANT, 1972_DART, 1972_DEMON, 1972_DUSTER, 1972_SCAMP, 1972_VALIANT, 1973_DART, 1973_DUSTER, 1973_SCAMP, 1973_VALIANT, 1974_DART, 1974_DUSTER, 1974_SCAMP, 1974_VALIANT, 1975_DART, 1975_DUSTER, 1975_SCAMP, 1975_VALIANT, 1976_DART, 1976_DUSTER, 1976_SCAMP, 1976_VALIANT,

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